Briggs and Stratton p2200 vs Honda eu2000i [+FAQs] 2023

If you are looking for a small and portable generator, investing in the Honda EU2000i and the Briggs and Stratton P2200 will be a good choice. But which one is better; Briggs and Stratton p2200 vs Honda eu2000i?

In my opinion, both are excellent backup power sources because they are gas-powered. However, before deciding which of these two to purchase, let’s consider performance and engine features.

So, you are planning to go camping. Instead of carrying your bulky and heavy generator around with you, why not get a generator capable of running on gasoline? Here’s a quick look at the features and benefits of these Briggs and Stratton p2200 vs Honda eu2000i that make them different generators in the market.

What will you get regarding Briggs and Stratton vs Honda here?

This article will discuss these two highly appraised Briggs & Stratton and Honda generators, along with the critical differences between them. We will also discuss their specifications and the type of fuel they need to run!

The Briggs and Stratton P2200 vs Honda EU2000i are similar portable generators. Their difference lies in the power they generate, which is only slightly different. The battery capacity, though, is larger on the Honda unit.

The Honda EU2000i and Briggs & Stratton P2200 offer portable generators that can function long-term. They are different in a few ways, considering they have distinct advantages depending on users’ needs. You can find additional information below.


These two generators are perfect for home and outdoor use when the power goes out. For example, if you take these devices with you on a trip to the cabin, you can still enjoy your time using wireless devices during a storm.

Comparison – Briggs and Stratton p2200 vs Honda eu2000i

Power comparison of B&S p2200 vs Honda eu2000i

FeaturesBriggs and Stratton p2200Honda EU2000i
Watts and maximum outputFeature a 2200W maximum output with slightly lower at just 1700 wattsHowever, it only has a 1800W continuous rated power with an advanced 4-stroke motor
Product ImageBriggs and Stratton p2200 vs Honda eu2000iHonda eu2000i vs Briggs and Stratton p2200
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Budget / costAround $250 to $600 cheaper than the Honda eu2000i.It is highly costly at around $1000, as compared to Briggs and Stratton P2200.
Working capacity in hoursBriggs and Stratton P2200 is slightly lower than Honda EU2000i as eight hours at 20% load.Honda EU2000i can run up to 4 hours at full load and eight hours at 25% load.
VoltsIt has two 230-volts run the refrigerator and other emergency equipment during an outage.It has two 120-volt receptacles that you can use to power tools.
Watts and working powerThe 2000-watt gas generator from Briggs & Stratton has a parallel output for additional power control, powering more than one home appliance at once. It attaches to another generator for added power when needed.The 1550 running watts/2200 surge watts generator produces enough power to run standard refrigerators, LCD televisions, freezers, and many other essential household items.
Types of FuelThese generators in order to conserve gasoline.Gasoline
Powersmart modeIt’s worth noting that the manufacturer has enabled the Powersmart optionYes, it has auto power smart mode, too; these gadgets conserve gasoline.
Fuel usageDespite its smaller fuel tank (just 0.95 gallons).As opposed to Briggs & Stratton’s 0.05 gallons), the Honda EU2000i can nevertheless operate longer.

Design comparison between eu2000i vs p2200

FeaturesBriggs and Stratton p2200Honda EU2000i
EfficiencyIt is heavy, a bit bulky, and slightly more extensive than HondaIt’s lightweight, compact, fuel-efficient, and runs on unleaded gas.   
Weightsa bit bulky as weighs 54.6 lbs to 6.0 lbs.Features a 3.0 lbs. to 45.6 lbs. weight
DesignTwo people need to lift it as it has an H-shaped handleOnly one person can easily lift it with strong muscles
DimensionsBriggs & Stratton P2200 is 22.4 x 14.4 x 19.9 inchesHonda EU2000i is 20.1 x 11.4 x 16.7 inches

Other Features Comparison of both Generators

FeaturesBriggs and Stratton p2200Honda EU2000i
Other featuresIt includes two household sockets, 1 DC outlet, and 2 USB adapter ports that can be used to power an array of portable devices.On the other hand, it has 1 DC outlet too. And The engine speed of the Honda generator may be adjusted to meet the power supply requirements.
Product ImageBriggs and Stratton p2200 vs Honda eu2000iHonda eu2000i vs Briggs and Stratton p2200
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Final Words – Some Technicalities

In short, Briggs & Stratton P2200 is similar to Honda EU2000i. Both are lightweight and the best portable generators that have attached Eco-Throttle mode. With the addition of a connected USB adaptor, Briggs & Stratton has made it easier for customers to use and power the gadgets.

The Honda EU2000i is a perfect device for providing backup power to your two-bedroom house. It can run continuously for 4 hours (1750W) at 25% load or 8 hours (1400W) at 20% load on a full tank and can power up similar loads.

Hopefully, you got the best out of your generator by comparing Briggs and Stratton p2200 vs Honda eu2000i.

FAQs: Briggs and Stratton p2200 vs Honda eu2000i

Which generator is more fuel efficient, the Briggs and Stratton P2200 or the Honda EU2000i?

The Honda EU2000i is more fuel efficient than the Briggs and Stratton P2200.

What are the primary differences between the Briggs and Stratton p2200 and the Honda eu2000i?

There are several primary differences between the Briggs and Stratton p2200 and the Honda eu2000i. The Briggs and Stratton p2200 is significantly smaller and lighter than the Honda eu2000i.

It has a lower noise/sound level compared to similar products, which is ideal for use during camping and other outdoor types of activities. Additionally, the Briggs and Stratton p2200 has a lower price point than the Honda eu2000i.

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