What will a 5000 watt Generator Run? (Safety Tip)

What will a 5000-watt generator run? A 5,000-watt generator is highly efficient and can run several appliances and gadgets simultaneously. Moreover, it makes it an ideal power source.

A 5000-watt generator will run a lot of home appliances and electronic devices. Furthermore, it includes many household devices.

You can run lights, fans, water pumps, small window-mounted air conditioners, and many other similarly-sized home electronics with such a generator.

The high portable generator wattage allows it to power up a fridge, a freezer, and a washing machine. It also powers up a 14-2 wire using a 50A breaker unit.

The 5000 watts can also be used on more extensive versions of major home appliances such as coffee machines, microwaves, and clocks.

A generator that can produce up to 5000 watts of power is a good choice for a homeowner who needs a reliable source of electricity.

It’s also an excellent option for powering tools and small appliances at work sites.

Let’s have a product example that uses 5000 watts for power.

Understanding Generator Wattages

Before answering this question, what can a 5000-watt generator run? You must understand the wattage ratings.

There are two types of ratings, standard and surge; you need to understand the difference in wattage.

The standard rating is the continuous running wattage of a generator.

For example, if a generator says it has a standard rating of 4000 watts when running at full capacity, it pulls 4000 watts from whatever power source it’s plugged into.

The surge rating is the maximum wattage a generator can put out.

This surge wattage is also known as overload capacity or max power. The key to understanding this number is that it will only last for 30 sec. to 1 minute.

If you have ever plugged in something really big like an AC, your wattmeter goes to 1600 on your generator.

This means that it is only short-term and will not pull the watts over time like an AC unit would if you had it plugged in for 30 min. to an hr.

The surge wattage is good for doing, though, when you use tools with motors or compressors that can be on a very high draw, such as drills, saws, and compressors.

This will give them the short-term power they need to run so you will not trip a breaker or burn up your motor.

What will a 5000-watt Generator Run?


A 5000-watt generator provides enough energy to run one or two heating units, and it is recommended for average homes where power outages are normally less than 8 hours.

A 5000-watt generator will run a 1250 square foot home and appliances such as your refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, well pump, lights, and TV.

If you want to use the air conditioner, you need a 7500-watt generator.

A typical home consumes 1500-2500 watts on average (most homes do not exceed this amount as it would require a gas-guzzling water heater, electric oven range top, and instant hot water system to do so. )

To run your heating unit, you will need 12000 watts of power which means that the 5000-watt generator must run for over 4 hours at half load (to account for the heat pump or backup electric heater), which is not ideal.

Appliances Rated Watts
Refrigerator/Freezer 700W
Microwave Oven – 625 Watts 625-1000W
Coffee Maker 800W
Electric Stove 1500W
Dishwasher 300W
Food Processor 400W
Toaster Oven 1200W
Toaster 850W
Iron 1200W
Washing Machine 500W
Clothes Dryer – Electric 3000W
Clothes Dryer – Gas 700W
Light bulb – 60 Watts 60W
Space Heater 1800W
Humidifier 175W
Furnace Fan Blower 700W
VCR 100W
Stereo 450W
TV 200W
Video Game System 40W
Security System 500W
Hair Dryer 1250W
Curling Iron 1500W
Electric Grill 1650W
AM/FM Radio 100W
CD/DVD Player 100W
Mobile Phone Charger 10W
Computer 800W
Laptop 300W
Laser Printer 950W
Fax Machine 65W
Copy Machine 1600W
Airless Sprayer 600W

At Worksite:

Yes, a 5000-watt generator can run most work sites. It can provide power to tools such as saws, drills, and air compressors. It is also sufficient for running lights and other small appliances.

How can I determine if a 5000-watt generator will run my work site?

The answer to this question depends on the electrical load requirements of your specific job.

The term “worksite” is used here generically, but it may include everything from one portable light to an entire construction site with heavy power needs for tools and lighting, not to mention assorted work vehicles.

To determine the amount of power a particular 5000-watt generator can supply your job site, you need to know the electrical load requirements of your specific work needs and then match those needs with the features on a particular model or output wattage for comparable models.

This chart uses average watts for different types of appliances and machinery.

Appliances Rated Watts
Sump Pump 1140W
Water well pump 575W
Heat Pump 4700W
Quartz Halogen Work Light 300-1000W
Electric Drill 440W
Belt Sander 1200W
Air Conditioner 1000-4000W
Air Compressor – 1/4HP 975W
Air Compressor – 1 HP 1600W
Hammer Drill 1600W
Circular Saw 2100W
Chain Saw 1500W
Reciprocating Saw 960W
Bench grinder 1400W
Planer/Jointer 1800W
Electric Leaf Blower 1000W

Quick Shopping Tips

Selecting the Best Generator

To ensure it’s not to you, we’ll go through the most critical characteristics to look for when purchasing a new 5,000-watt generator.

Evaluate which of these is most vital for your unique requirements.

Afterward, seek out the machine that best meets those criteria.

Efficacy of Fuel

Hours of runtime are used to calculate fuel efficiency. However, you must also consider the tank’s size.

Getting 12 hours of runtime from a 4-gallon tank; however, it isn’t quite the same if you get eight hours from a 7-gallon tank.

Type of generator

One of the technical features that will consider by many customers is generator type: regular or inverters models.

This is something to bear in mind when reading about the characteristics of each model.

Alternatives to gasoline

Another crucial thing to consider is the accessibility of LPG.

Although LPG is often cheaper to buy and use than gasoline in some regions of the world, it is not always as commonly available.

Is a 5,000-Watt Power Supply Suitable for You?

Based on how you use it, 5,000 watts is a lot of power – or not nearly enough.

Throughout a power outage, a 5,000-watt generator can assist you power the basics in your whole house.

 A 5,000-watt generator gives an assurance that you’ll rarely run out of power while RVing.

Consider a 3,500-watt generator if a 5,000-watt generator is too powerful for your needs.

Nevertheless, if 5,000 watts is insufficient, check what a 7,500-watt generator can do best for you.

Best 5000-watt Generator

A-iPower AP5000V 5000-Watt Gas Generator

a-ipower ap5000v 5000-watt gas generator
AI Power AP5000V 5000-watt Gas Generator

Specifications: Wattage: 5000 watts | Weight: 109 Pounds | Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 20 inches | Colour: Orange | Engine type: 4 Strokes | Displacement: 208 cubic cm | Fuel Type: Gasoline

The A-iPower AP5000V is constructed with a 208cc, 4-stroke OHV engine. With a 4-gallon tank, the AP5000V offers a longer run time of 13.5 hours at 25% load and a noise level of 68 dB from 23 feet. Furthermore, it provides a peak power of 5000 watts and stable control of 4000 watts.

In addition, it is equipped with a ground fault outlet that meets OSHA regulations. Plus, it is safe for use in construction sites where ground fault protection is required.

Other features include a cord wrap compartment for convenience and portability, a wireless remote start, and a key fob from up to 98 ft.

This 5000-watt generator has automatic low-oil shutdown, fully assembled wheels, and convenient handles for easy transport.

Powered by gasoline and an easy recoil system, it is easy to start for all ages.

The 208 cubic cm A-iPower Generator also features an electric keyed ignition, low oil shutdown, and overload protection.

It is conveniently equipped with both 12-Volt DC and 120-Volt AC output, providing handy backup power.

A-iPower 5000 Watt Generator is perfect for home backup during a power outage.

Thus, it provides enough power to meet all of your household needs, including air conditioning, refrigeration, and lights.

It is also great to use camping and recreational activities such as tailgating parties and barbeques on the job site.

Why It’s Great
  • Offers a longer run time of 13.5 hours
  • User-friendly performance
  • Perfect for camping or use as a backup generator
Flaws But not Deal Breakers
  • It cannot use for commercial purposes

Final words – some technicalities

In short, a 5,000-watt generator provides enough electricity to power many household appliances and tools during an outage.

Moreover, the 5000 watts can also be used on more extensive versions of major home appliances such as coffee machines, microwaves, and clocks.

In addition, a 5,000-watt generator can power several household appliances. Still, it is not designed to power appliances permanently.

It is sufficient for camping trips, bad weather, and power outages due to the limited use of the device.

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