Affiliate Disclosure

Disclosure Amenability Rules of Federal Trade Commission

Federal Trade Commission rules were introduced in 2015, to make sure that the readers or users of web media know that the post by the blogger is endorsed or sponsored by another company. The viewer needs to be well informed if the content creator makes money by sharing details of a particular link or a product.

According to the Federal Trade Commission guidelines, kindly consider the following about links and posts on this site:

Affiliate links that you come across on are sponsored, and some of the product’s sale helps me get compensation.

How do Affiliate Links Work?

When the customer visits our website and comes across an affiliate link when the reader clicks it, they are automatically gets sent to the affiliate company’s website. The customer is not buying the product from but actually from the seller.

What happens is that our affiliate websites like Amazon etc.; they pay a small commission for directing the customers to their website.

Prices remain the same for the customers either they buy something through a non-affiliate link or an affiliate link. When you click on whichever link (affiliate or non-affiliated) does not change anything for the visitor.

The two main affiliate programs on are:

1- Affiliate links on Amazon

LLC Associates is affiliated advertising program, which paves a pay for website and content creators to earn commission via links.

In accordance with that as well as other websites are also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.

2- Affiliate product links

Once you buy an item through an affiliate link, what happens is that I get a little bit of the profit from the sales or another type of commission.

Clicking on these links alone won’t help me get the compensation as it is not paid per click; you have to buy the product from the affiliate website where the prices are the same as shown on my site.

What Happens to the Sponsored Content?

I write unbiased and dependable information rather than merely just writing sponsored posts. But, in case if a company wants me to post some sponsored posts on; I will leave a disclaimer letting the reader know that it is a sponsored post.

I try my best to be authentic by endorsing products that I would further recommend to my family and friends or either use it myself.

When you purchase something through my affiliate company links, it lets me know that my hard work on research is paying off. Please keep supporting, and I am grateful for the people already supporting, Thank you so much.