How To Choose A Portable Generator (Quick Guide)

Are you wondering how to choose a portable generator? We have the top 6 tips that you need to see before picking any generator.

There are many differences between standard and portable generators.

Also, some portable generators have a dual-fuel option. And the generator starts differently from one another.

So, there is a lot to differentiate about the types of generators that we’ll discuss here.

Whether you need a generator for your home or office, portable generators are the best option to buy.

No doubt, generators are expensive, and everyone wants to make the best decision.

Besides that, among all the generator types, portable generators are much more convenient. Also, they come with dual or triple-fuel engines.

You can easily carry portable generators from one place to another.

If you are confused about how to select a portable generator, then don’t worry. We would love to help you out.

However, the generators have various features and specs that you need to know before buying them.

We have 6 top tips, and a portable generator buying guide below that will make your decision appropriate.

Quick Tips: How To Choose A Portable Generator

Tip 1: Fuel Type

Portable generators have an option of dual or triple fuel types. And the types of fuels include petrol, diesel, and propane/ LPG.

And the type of fuel is the first thing to consider when buying a generator. The best generator brand will give you a dual-fuel option.

So you can choose among the best portable dual fuel generator or the best portable triple fuel generators.


The Petrol fuel type is widely used everywhere.

Also, petrol is available 24/7, but this fuel is ideal for use in colder weather. And it has certain dangers attached to it, as petrol catches fire quickly.


However, diesel is another fuel type that is available in several portable generators.

It is cheaper in terms of cost and lasts for a long time. But diesel will make your generator noisy.

Plus, this type of fuel is not environmentally friendly.

Propane And Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Propane and LPG are the best options for the fuel types for generators. It will make your generator quiet, and they are the safest to refuel.

Plus, you can attach a cylinder with a generator for running continuously. Besides that, this type of is required less to operate a generator.

But LPG and propane is the expensive option for running a generator.

Tip 2: Portability And Efficiency

If your generator is not portable, then it’s a waste of money.

So consider buying a generator that has several attachments to make it portable and efficient.

Due to its portability, you can move the generator anywhere quickly. Plus, if you need to carry a generator from work to site, then it must have wheels and handles.

Besides that, a portable generator has lightweight, and you can carry it easily.

Please do not buy an over-weight generator as it won’t be convenient to carry every other day.

So if you need an efficient generator, keep the power levels in your mind. Also, you need to know what kind of chargers will require for the tools.

Tip 3: Power Outlets

If you are purchasing a generator for the home, then consider this tip.

The power outlets will allow you to run several household appliances.

Also, with several power outlets, you will have the freedom to turn on a different appliance at a time.

Even at the construction site generator’s power outlet will help you to give the power to run appliances efficiently.

Tip 4: Quality

The brand of the generator and its quality matters a lot. And you must pick a reputable generator brand to make the best investment.

The material and construction of the generator will enhance its durability of the generator.

So, quality is the foremost thing that describes the life of a product.

Also, look for the warranty period given by the company. If there is any damage to the generator, the company repairs it for you.

The best generator brands give you a warranty and free repair options.

  1. Tip# 5. Environment For Using A Generator

After looking at the power for starting the engine, you may have several options available.

On top of that, if you still have confusion about buying the best portable generator in 2023, then consider its durability.

Besides that, the environment in which the generator will be kept is essential to know before buying it.

Whether you are keeping a generator on the construction site, apartment, camping, boating, or at home, airstream, and for the hurricane, you need to have a more reliable generator composed of open-frame.

No doubt, the open-frame generators run for a more extended period and give the best performance.

Tip 6: Feature Richness And Balance-Cost

Portable generators are expensive, and you must invest in a durable generator.

Let us tell you before that the expensive generators offer better specs than the cheaper ones.

Also, the low-priced generators won’t work efficiently. And there are some crucial usability factors you need to see before choosing the best generator.

Electric Start

The electric start will run the generator conveniently and safely.

Switchable Voltage

Your generator shall run all types of appliances, refrigerators, and AC, including 110v and 240v.


It will maintain fuel and manage it correctly as well.

Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker will never make the generator explode, even if you’ve plugged in a faulty outlet.

Wheels, And Other Portable Attachments

Lastly, the wheel handles and other portable options will help you to carry the generator conveniently.


What size will a portable generator run a house?

A generator that is rated at 5,000 to 7500 watts can run even the most critical household equipment, including a refrigerator and freezer.

A generating unit with a power output of around 7-3/4 kW will be enough for your RV purposes if you live in an area without frequent outages or brownouts during peak times on electric grids (this could be anywhere between 3000W – 4000W).

This answer was given as part one question two sentences ago, so I’ll summarize it here. Generators are typically used when there’s an interruption.

Final Verdict

We offer guidance on how to pick a portable generator after complete research and testing.

All in all, the generator is a requirement of every other whole house and office.

However, portable generators are much more convenient as you can carry them anywhere.

And portable generators can save you time, and they will run for a longer time than standard generators.

Also, you need to know the type of fuel, durability, required output, and other features of portable generators.

After reading the 6 top tips, you won’t be confused about how to choose the portable generator after reading our top 6 tips and buying guide. Thank you!

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