Generac 2200i vs Honda 2200i (Which is Best Choice?)

Generac & Honda are both big names in the portable generator industry, but that doesn’t mean they have similar features.

To help you decide between the two, we have done detailed reviews of both models to help reveal all their features.

In this article, we focus on the critical differences between the 2 generators (Generac 2200i vs. Honda 2200i); here, we compare their specs, user-friendliness, and durability, as well as expert ratings.

The key to any generator is the power output. The Honda 2200i portable inverter generator is a 2200W generator that will meet most basic household needs, such as powering laptops and TVs. 

Two Main Competitors – Generac 2200i vs Honda 2200i

Unlike the Generac 2200i, this model does not have a digital display, so at least you won’t be getting distracted by information.

And it comes with a sturdy extension cord that can be connected via the hook-up points on the generator’s exterior.

As a prepper, we know one thing to be true: When the power goes out, most people are stuck.

So when you’re out camping, boating, and hit a snag, have the comfort of knowing that should the need arise, you have a reliable generator on your side.

The Generac (2200W) and Honda (2200W) portable inverter generators share many of the same key features.

Both offer excellent portability thanks to their lightweight designs. Both can be operated wirelessly via an app on your smartphone or home computer.

But what sets these two products apart is the quality of the components.

It’s easy to decide which is better for your needs as – how long each run will last, even how loud it will sound.

Let have to discuss the critical differences between them:

Generac 2200i vs Honda 2200i Comparison

Features Generac 2200i Honda EU2200i
Power modes 3 power modes (Standard, Turbo, Economy) None
Product Image generac 2200i vs honda 2200i generator honda eu2200i vs generac gp2200i
  View on Amazon View on Amazon
Display Digital display Manual display
Run time At 25% load, Generac 2200i has a shorter run time. Moreover, it has 7.7 hours at a 25% load At 25% load, it has a longer run time. Moreover, on a single tank, it runs 8.1 hours
Wattage 1800 watts 2200-watt
Engine 79 cc 4-stroke motor 98 cc motor
Cost of each Cheaper as compared to all of Honda’s latest models, especially 2200 More expensive than Generac
Maximum output 2200 AC watt 2200 watt
Weighs  46.5 pounds It is less heavy than Generac as its weight is less at 45.6 pounds
DC Outlet This generator has two 12 Volt DC outlet No DC Outlet of 12 Volt
Price Its starting price is $799  Around $200 more costly than Generac
Noise level It is quieter than Honda A quiet model with 50 to 60 decibels
Warranty 3-year limited warranty, it also provides extended seven to eight years of warranty 3-year warranty
Others Saves from efforts of the fuel tank as a back-lit ​fuel gauge  It is UL certified, so you’re sure not to have any power outages in the event you run out of fuel or even change the fuel line.

Key Performance Features: Honda EU2200i vs Generac iQ 2200i

Generac GP2200i – The Generac 2200i is also the most popular generator globally.

With a digital display, drivers can choose between Economy, Power, and intermittent mode.

The Generac 2200i is the most powerful, versatile generator on the market.

While more expensive than other models on the market, it’s also more efficient at generating energy. And it’s a great value too!

Honda EU2200i– A Honda-built generator offers reliable power, quiet operation, and great value.

This 2200-watt generator powers your house and can sit for up to 4 days of backup power off just two 1.7-lb. C8 batteries continuously run all the accessories in your RV at 25% load.

Built from super-rugged components that include a unique engine block design and planetary gear design, this generator can continuously operate.

It consists of a 12V DC outlet with a 2 amp fuse. With the Honda 2200i, you’ll get the power of a gas engine with the conveniences of today’s electrical power generation. 

Final Words – Some Technicalities

I hope you don’t have any confusion about which one is the best choice in Generac 2200i vs. Honda 2200i. Let’s summarize it!

The Generac 2200i features a powerful and affordable gas-powered generator with a digital display and 3 power modes, including economy.

This versatile and easy-to-use generator can be parallel-connected. It also includes a low-flow oil filter that saves you money on gas.

The Honda EU2200i portable inverter generator is robust and lightweight. Yet, it includes all of the features you expect from a high-quality portable generator.

The 2200-watt power output is strong, increasing up to 7000 watts.

In addition, the 2200 comes with Honda’s convenient starting troubleshooter to help you with setup. The 3-year warranty ensures good years of reliable service if you ever need it.

In short, Honda is a more suitable option than the Generac for regular use.


What are the differences between the Generac 2200i and the Honda 2200i?

The Generac 2200i and the Honda 2200i are 2 different types of power generators.

The Generac is a portable generator, while the Honda is an in-house generator.

The Generac can be used outside the home, but it needs to be plugged into an outlet, or it can’t power anything.

The Honda can be used inside and outside the home, but it needs to be plugged into a power source.

The Generac has a higher wattage than the Honda, which makes it more powerful. This means you can use more appliances at once with the Generac than you would with the Honda.

The Generac costs as much as the Honda, which is why many people prefer to use their in-house generator because they don’t want to spend so much on a portable generator when they already have one inside their home that’s ready to go whenever it’s needed.

The Honda is more portable than the Generac and can be taken with you when you want to get away from home for a few days and nights.

What are the features of Generac 2200i?

The Generac 2200i is an affordable gas-powered generator tailored for any energy requirement.

Featuring 3 power modes and a digital display, it is both powerful and easy to use.

We also include an optional low-flow oil filter to ensure your generator is in peak shape.

What are the features of the Honda Eu2200i?

The Honda EU2200i is a lightweight, robust portable inverter generator.

The increased power output of up to 7000 watts provides you with the dependability you need, even in tough situations.

This lawn mower also comes with Honda’s convenient starting troubleshooter to help you set up the machine.

The 3-year warranty guarantees that the machine will serve you reliably for many years if ever needed.

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