DuroMax 420cc vs Predator 420cc (Which Engine is Better Choice?)

When it comes to gas-powered engines, there are a few different options on the market.

Two of the most popular engine types are the Duromax 420cc and Predator 420cc. But which one is a better choice for you?

In this article, we’ll be comparing the DuroMax 420cc vs. Predator 420cc engines.

We’ll look at both engines and see how they compare in terms of power, fuel efficiency, and noise levels. Which engine is right for you? With this article, the choice should be clear.

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Predator 420cc vs. Duromax 420cc Engine


DuroMax 420cc 16HP Gas Multi-Purpose Horizontal Shaft Engine is a perfect fit for many projects.

This is a 420cc gasoline engine that delivers 16HP and 23.34ft. /lb. torque.

The DuroMax 420cc Gas Multi-Purpose Horizontal Shaft Engine is perfect for powering any application a homeowner or professional could need. 

This heavy-duty gas engine allows you to tackle various projects in and around your home.

In addition, its Shaft Engine is designed to be easy to start, sufficiently powerful, and economical to operate.

The XP16HP engine is also versatile enough for various applications, from generator work to construction equipment to go-kart racing.


420cc Predator Gas Engine is a robust, durable, and reliable choice for your next power project.

This gas engine is ideal for applications that require a relatively quiet and low-vibration environment.

The 420cc Predator gas engine is upgraded to perform efficiently in even the most challenging conditions.

The Predator 420cc gas engine is an ideal replacement engine for dozens of machines, including lawnmowers.

This powerful gas engine is lightweight, compact, and efficient, making it easy to mount and operate.

A steel flywheel helps improve balance and stability. T

he reliable starter motor generates enough power to start even in low temperatures, and oversized cooling fins help dissipate heat to prevent overheating at high RPMs.

Let’s compare the Duromax 420cc vs. the Predator 420cc.

DuroMax 420cc vs. Predator 420cc Engines Comparison

Features DuroMax 420cc Predator 420cc
Fuel Gas Multi-Purpose, 87-octane gasoline  Gasoline and Petrol Engine
Product Image duromax 420cc vs predator 420cc engine predator 420cc vs duromax 420cc engine
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Engine The heavy-duty engine features a 4-stroke OHV durable 16HP 420cc engine 420cc OHV Horizontal Shaft, This heavy-duty gas engine allows you to tackle a variety of projects in and around your home.
Shaft Engine 16 HP uses  E-Z pull recoil 13 HP Electric start with recoil backup
Weight 77 lb.  73 lbs
Certification EPA and CARB approved EPA/CARB
Max Output speed 3600RPM 3600 RPM
Average Run Time 1.2 gallon per hour (at 1/2 load) 13 hours @ 50% load
Fuel Tank Long-lasting use with large 1.75 gals. tank 6-gallon fuel tank
Working Capacity Powerful enough to run multiple power tools simultaneously. For use around your home, farm, and shop. Perfect replacement for multiple applications.
Design Easy to start, sufficiently powerful, and economical to operate Robust, compact, and easy to maintain
Model A 16HP model with best-in-class power output is EPA/CARB compliant, so you can use it in most states! This is 13.8 in. 16HP Predator 420cc gas engine is the perfect replacement for most standard engine configurations.
Warranty  One-year commercial and three-year residential  Backed by a 3-year warranty.
Stroke 66mm 66 mm
Max Torque 28.5 Nm/23.34 ft./lb. 18.4 ft. lbs. @ 2500 RPM
Choke Control Manual Manual
Maximum RPM 4,000 rpm 3600 RPM
Oil Capacity 1.1 L 1.2 L
Dimensions 20.47 x 18.5 x 22 inches (7.7 in. L x 3.4 in. W – 4.1 in. W
Mounting type Horizontal Horizontal
Others 108 dB Low oil sensor shuts down Relatively quiet and low-vibration

Performance and Efficiency – Duromax 420cc vs. Predator 420cc

DuroMax 420cc engine provides 16 HP of maximum torque in a simple design. It’s perfect for various uses; it’s reliable and affordable.

A 1.75 gal tank offers long-term use, while an oversized air filter ensures air reaches the engine effectively. This engine is built to last!

On the other hand, the Predator 420cc portable gas engine is designed for outdoor applications like yard work, equipment maintenance, and more.

This 420cc mobile gas engine features an overhead valve design for long life and fuel-saving performance.

The 420cc has a powerful horizontal shaft with a 360-degree ball bearing to handle heavy torque loads.

This powerful gas engine also comes with a low oil shut-off that automatically turns off the engine when the oil gets too low.

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Final Words – Some Technicalities

In short, the DuroMax 420cc gas-powered engine delivers high performance designed to handle everything you throw at it.

This heavy-duty engine features a durable and potent 420cc single-cylinder with a 4-stroke OHV, giving you a long-running time per fuel tank.

Further, it should be in your tool shed. A powerful, easy-to-start engine under the hood enables you to tackle heavy-duty applications, new and old, with ease.

The Predator 420cc gas engine is an upgraded engine ideal for replacing a worn-out engine.

Thanks to the durable cast iron cylinder, this Predator 420cc gasoline engine is designed to last longer than other models on the market.

It helps save gas and oil, reducing running costs and being environmentally friendly.

Thus, in my opinion, the Predator 420cc is better than between DuroMax 420cc vs. Predator 420cc.

The Predator 420cc gasoline-powered engine has all the features you want for a more extended, safer operation.

FAQs: DuroMax 420cc vs Predator 420cc

Which is the better engine, the DuroMax 420cc or the Predator 420cc?

With the DuroMax 420cc gas-powered engine, you will get a long lifespan as well as maximum power.

This gas-powered engine includes a single-cylinder that’s 4-stroke OHV – delivering high performance and capable of handling anything you throw at it!

DuroMax 420cc gas-powered engine is fuel-efficient, easy to start, and terrific for dealing with tough jobs.

The Predator 420cc gas engine is a replacement engine that can keep your boat going, even if your old engine has worn out.

The cast iron cylinder ensures the Predator can last longer than other engines on the market and last as long as you need.

Predator 420cc engines use less fuel and protect the environment in the process, resulting in lower running costs.

The Predator 420cc has a gasoline-powered engine that provides greater power and improved safety.

What are the differences between the DuroMax 420cc and the Predator 420cc?

The Duromax 420cc is a gas-powered engine, while the Predator 420cc is a gas and petrol-powered engine.

The Duromax 420cc has a 4-cycle design, meaning it will use gasoline to create power, while the Predator 420cc has an 8-cycle design meaning it will use petrol to create power.

The DuroMax 420cc has an air-cooled design, meaning that the air cools the engine and helps regulate its temperature, while the Predator 420cc has a water-cooled design, which means that water cools and regulates its temperature. 

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