Goal Zero vs Jackery – Goal Zero Yeti 400 vs Jackery 500

Power outages are a growing concern today, and a decent product that can help you deal with these emergencies is a portable power station.

However, this whole product vertical is relatively new to the market. So you may not have heard of various manufacturers and brands like Goal Zero vs. Jackery.

Before we start comparing the two products, Goal zero yeti 400 vs. Jackery 500, it’s important to note that our aim is to only highlight each product’s strengths.

Thankfully, we’ve come up with this comparative review to help you understand what each product is good at and what they lack in certain areas.

Both Goal Zero vs. Jackery portable power stations are fantastic devices for anyone looking for a portable power bank for indoor or outdoor use.

Both devices come with a wide range of ports that can accommodate most of your critical electrical appliances, and both have great battery capacities.

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What Chooses for Long Hot Summer Days?

The Jackery 500 portable power station is the best pick during the summer months. Without a doubt, it’s your best bet in terms of power capacity, efficiency and structure.

In comparison between Goal Zero Yeti 400 and Jackery 500, The only time we recommend the Goal Zero Yeti 400 over the Jackery Explorer 500 is when you’re looking to use your portable power station predominantly.

Otherwise, the Jackery Explorer 500 brings more power to the table than the Yeti 400, with a more compact design and better built-in charging options.

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Goal Zero Yeti 400 vs. Jackery 500 Comparison

Features Goal Zero Yeti 400 Jackery 500
Inverter Rating Output 300W output to 600W Surge 500W to 1000W  Surge
Product Image goal zero yeti 400 solar generator jackery portable power station explorers
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Battery Type Lead Acid Lithium
Ah (amp hours) 33Ah @ 12V 24Ah @ 21.6V
Cigarette Lighter 12V Plug 12V Plug
Running hours 5 hours 8 hours

Dimensions of Goal zero yeti 400 vs. Jackery 500

Weight 29 lbs (13.2 kg) 13.3 lbs (6 kg)
Size 8 x 10.25 x 8 inches 11.8 x 7.6 x 9.2 inches
Solar Input 8mm 8mm

Other Features for Goal Zero Yeti 400 vs. Jackery 500

AC outlets two AC outlets with surge protection One AC outlets
USB ports two USB ports three USB-A ports
Solar panel charge It takes 10 to12 hours to recharge fully takes 8 hours to recharge fully

Most Powerful Solar Generators – Goal Zero vs. Jackery

You’ll find the 500Wh lithium battery and a single 100W AC outlet on the Jackery Explorer 500.

You also get two 12V outputs, one 5V USB, and two 60W USB-C ports. Jackery 500 is the better option as per its capacity.

The Jackery 500 comes with a lithium battery. It works great in hot weather conditions compared to the Goal Zero Yeti 400, which is equipped with a lead-acid battery.

However, suppose you’re mostly planning to use this portable solar generator in the winter or are going to place it at an elevation of more than 1000 feet.

In that case, it’s always better to go with the Goal Zero Yeti 400, as having a lead-acid battery makes it more comfortable to handle.

Final Words – Some Technicalities

Goal  Zero 400: Goal Zero has built quite an impressive reputation in the portable power industry over the years. The Yeti 400 is one of their crowning achievements.

It looks like any other one of its kinda white cube featuring carry handles on the side and standard USB ports, AC outlets, and DC ports on top.

Thus,  the Yeti 400 can run your laptop for 11 hours, your smartphone for up to 40 hours, or your LED light bulbs for three days!

Jackery Explorer 500: the Jackery Explorer 500 can charge laptops, power two mini-fridges at once, or run a small flat-screen TV for three hours.

The Jackery Explorer 500 is heavier than the Goal Zero Yeti 400 (77 pounds compared to 37 pounds respectively) and even more significant in size.

But Goal Zero vs. Jackery, with a low noise rating of 52db at 25% capacity load and its charging options that also include solar power, the Explorer 500 is an overall solid performer.

In short, Both the Goal Zero Yeti 400 and Jackery 500 solar generators are wonderful products.

They both work well in all ranges of weather, not just the Sun. The Yeti has been around since 2012 and has proven reliable. Jackery is also a pretty good product.

Jackery has earned an excellent reputation for its products and customer service over several years.

FAQs: Goal Zero vs. Jackery

Is Goal Zero 400 a Better Alternative than Jackery 500?

Both products are quite popular among mobile power users, but when it comes down to picking one, which would you choose?

There is no apparent champion between both them.

Consider the fact that the Yeti 1500X features a much more robust inverter, a more significant surge capability, as well as an additional USB-C connector for charging several electronics at once.

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