DuroMax XP5500EH Review, Spec, Features and FAQs

The DuroMax XP5500EH is a user-friendly generator that can produce 5,500 watts of power.

Dual fuel technology allows you to utilize your generator on gas or liquid propane, giving you flexibility and freedom in fuel choice.

This ideal machine is ideal for use at the site and is simple to transport while tailgating.

Does the XP5500EH have the other features you need?

In this DuroMax XP5500EH review, we will go through its overview, specifications, features, performance, and what people think about it.

DuroMax XP5500EH Review

duromax xp5500eh reviews
DuroMax XP5500eh Reviews [Image Credit: BGI Photographer]

General Overview

In California, in 2003, a company was founded.

Over the next decade, this company succeeded in developing a few different technologies and then integrating them into its energy solutions.

DuroMax XP5500EH is a generator that can run on gasoline or propane.

That means it would be good for emergencies and other times you need to power things up.

This generator is also affordable, so it’s not too expensive to get one. It has a sensor that will make it stop when there is too much carbon monoxide.

If you are working on a job or using the generator at home, you should consider getting CO detection. You could be poisoned by it. It is dangerous.

Most people die because they are using it in an area where there is not enough ventilation.

When you use your generator, there is the gas that replaces the oxygen in your blood cells.

The gas can cause brain death. This means it is too late for you. So always keep the generator at least 25 or 30 feet away from any living space/window/door.

Technical Overview

The DuroMax XP5500EH is powered by Kawasaki Heavy Industries & Suzuki Motor Corporation’s FH534V twin-cylinder, 4-stroke engine.

It gives surge watts of 5,500 on gasoline & 5,225 on propane, while it produces 4500 running watts on gasoline & 4,275 watts on propane.

The engine provides lower emissions and has a low-oil shutdown feature. It’s a dual-fuel generator.

The oil change interval is 200 Hours which will give you 7200 hours before the next oil change.

The Generator uses a 2 stage smart throttle system to deliver more power when needed and save fuel when not in use.

Features of DuroMax XP5500EH

Plenty of power: The XP5500EH has impressive power, 5500 starting watts, and 4500 running watts.

It can handle heavy loads, from lights and a refrigerator to air conditioners.

Dual fuel technology: This unit runs on propane or gasoline, giving you the freedom and flexibility of fuel choice with low oil shutoff.

Powerful engine: If you need power, the DuroMax 224cc OHV engine will have what it takes. It provides plenty to handle all your jobs, from powering high-voltage appliances and heavy-duty tools!

It also has MX2 technology, allowing you to choose between 120v and 240v.

Fully featured power panel: The incredible XP5500EH features two 120V household GFCI outlets and one 30A twist-lock outlet, so you can be sure this generator will work with any application.

It has a voltmeter and 12V dc charging posts for quickly recharging external batteries.

MX2 Technology:  The entire house will be powered by this generator.

You’ll never need to worry about a power outage again with its ability to generate both 120V and 240 V simultaneously or just one at full force!

Inverter Technology: Designed for inverter duty, this unit is extremely quiet and clean burning. Inverter generators are quieter than conventional generators because they run at a constant speed.

The inverter technology also ensures the unit’s smooth operation and high efficiency and powers your essentials with less fuel.

Emission Standards Compilation:  The DuroMax generator line is environmentally friendly and follows strict guidelines to ensure it meets EPA & CARB standards.

Quiet Operation:   The XP5500EH is listed as a very quiet generator.

Automatic voltage regulation: With this feature, you don’t have to worry about where you position the Generator to get sufficient power, as it automatically adjusts for any under-voltage or over-voltage.

Warranty: Company offers a 2-year warranty on labor and a 1-year warranty on parts with the DuroMax XP5500EH generator.

Overall Performance of DuroMax XP5500EH:

This is a design that improves whether you are dependable or autonomous. It does this by lowering exhaust emissions.

The technology used in it is environmentally friendly, so it is popular among environmentalists.

Hyundai Duromax XP5500EH is a gas and propane-powered generator. With this, you can use it for 15 hours.

If you use it on gas, the generator can last 9 hours, and if you use liquid propane, the generator can last 8 hours.

It is smaller and lighter than any of its competitors. The lightness of this product will make your day brighter.

There are quick-start options and noise dampers.

The cast-iron sleeve protects the engine from bad things. The engine is strong and has 7.5 HP. You can have a warranty for 60 months or more.

The engine can be used for 5 years without any maintenance issues or failures in practice.

Fill up one or two tanks of gas. Connect the generator to the mains at home or on wheels. Then, manually start it with a button or cord. It can run parallel to another generator.

The gasoline tank has a capacity of 4 gallons. That is more than what other cars offer.

It has a voltmeter, a circuit breaker, and capacities of over 4 kilowatts for 120/220/12 volts for different devices.

The generator has a control panel which is ideal for an emergency. The network’s voltmeter is displayed on the control board via a mechanical voltmeter.

The generator’s control panel has an LCD display to show the voltage, power level, and other parameters.

It has a convenient control panel with indicators and zeroes environmental damage technology.

It also has an OHV active cooling system, so it won’t overheat. OHV stands for “overhead valve”. So you can use the generator in nature or in a ventilated wooden chamber.

The manufacturer said the noise level is 69 decibels. I have never seen it operate so loudly. A silencer is a tool that lowers the noise of the generator.

It weighs about 125 pounds, and it’s bigger than other Duromax generators. It has two big wheels and a handle. It is 25x22x22 inches in size, which is smaller than most Duromax models but more powerful.

With just a single press of the switch, you may reset the voltage from 120 to 220 volts. The case has two complete sockets as well as a socket for the battery.

There is also a 30-ampere heavy equipment socket.

The panel has inscriptions with pictures it shows bigger and clear words, which are easy to read, even for kids.

If the generator doesn’t have enough engine oil, it will tell you by lighting up on the instrument panel.

I am happy that this generator also meets expectations because it uses gasoline and propane (5500 watts).

The generator has a parallel cord that enables you to connect two or more generators if your home requires even more power.

Another advantage of this type is the manufacturer’s guarantee. The company offers a 2-year labor warranty.

Duromax has a research center in the United States where all types of generators are created.

The devices are produced in other countries as well, but each buyer gets a one-year warranty with the option to replace defective components or manufacturing faults.

You may fully replace or return your alternator and get a new one.

Final Verdict

This power plant can supply enough electricity to run all of your appliances, equipment, lighting, and other devices in your house or business.

If required, you may purchase a propane cylinder and connect it to the generator via a hose.

Gas is not only cheaper but also more environmentally beneficial. You may always keep a propane tank at home for emergencies.

The Duromax XP5500EH is enough to run even larger appliances. If you have a cold home, it’s enough to turn on your heating system or water heater at the same time if it is not too big.

The generator starts automatically with one pull of the switch and runs very silently, so you won’t hear its noise from outside.

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FAQs – Duromax XP5500EH

What is Duromax XP5500EH run time on propane?

The capacity of your propane generator is determined by the volume of the tank you use for gas.

On a 20-liter propane tank, the Generator will operate for 8 hours at a load of 50% (approximately 2.5 kW).

At a maximum power rating of 5.5 kW, the generator will run for approximately 4-5 hours on a full propane tank.

To extend or shorten the generator’s operating time, use smaller or larger gas cylinders instead of bigger ones.

How many amps does an XP5500EH draw?

The generator’s rated power is 5500 W, and the continuous rating is 4780 W. The maximum surge rating is 6000 W.

It draws 13.33 A at full load and 9.75 A when running at half its capacity (i.e., 2,750 W).

Is it possible to use synthetic oil with the Duromax XP5500EH? Yes, any 10W-30 oil may be used for this generator, regardless of the fuel type selected.

The device can also run on semi-synthetic oils such as 5W-30. 

Can you parallel two generators?

Yes, connecting two generators in parallel is simple. You may connect devices with a load of 9 kW by doing so.

What can you power with a 5000-Watts generator?

If the power is continuous power of 5000 watts, you can run a big refrigerator, freezer, 1-ton air compressor, 1/2hp sump pump, TV, and a slew of LED lights simultaneously. 

There’s a lot you can power with a 5000-watt generator! For example, was your home hit by a disaster and all the electricity went out in an area or citywide blackouts? No problem.

You’ll be able to use this powerful machine as long as there is fuel left, so it will last until things get back on track again.

It might also come in handy during natural disasters when people need help immediately but aren’t allowed outside because of safety concerns (think Hurricane Sandy).

In addition, some homeowners choose portable generators instead, which they take along on traveling adventures such as camping trips; yet another reason one should invest their money wisely into purchasing quality products like these.

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