5 Best 2000 watt Inverter Generators (+FAQs)

Existed to go outdoors with your friends for camping or a barbecue, but the electricity supply concerns you a lot for charging your phones away from home and other needs?

You need the best 2000-watt inverter generator of 2023! These generators have been manufactured to satisfy basic electricity needs.

The running wattage of 1600 watts is enough for fulfilling your daily needs.

There are certain aspects of generators you need to know about your pick.

For example, you should know about fuel consumption, fuel type, noise level, engine quality, number of prongs, warranty, fuel tank capacity, weight and dimensions, and power production.

Considering your concerns, I have tested and presented honest reviews of my pick of the best 2000-watt portable generators.

I have analyzed them on the aspects mentioned above. Thus, I hope you will have a good insight into these generators.

At a Glance:

  1. Best 2000 Watt Inverter Generator: Champion Power Equipment 100900
  2. Best Performance 2000-watt Inverter Generator: A-iPower SUA2000iV 2000 Watt
  3. Best Value 2000-watt Inverter Generator: Briggs & Stratton P2400
  4. Best 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator: WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Gas Powered
  5. Best 2000 Watt Portable Generator: Pulsar G2319N 2,300W Portable Generator

Let’s begin without any delay!

Best 2000 Watt Inverter Generators Comparison

Product Starting Watts Running Watts Runtime
(on 25% load)
Noise Level
Champion Power Equipment 100900 1440 W (Propane)
1600 W (Gas)
1800 W (Propane)
2000 W (Gas)
34 hrs (Propane)
11.5 hrs (Gas)
53 dB
A-iPower SUA2000iV Generator 2000 W 1600 W 9 hrs 52 dB
Briggs & Stratton P2400 Generator 2400 W 1800 W 8 hrs 58 dB
WEN 56200i Generator 2000 W 1600 W 6 hrs 53 dB
Pulsar G2319N Generator 2300 W 1800 W 7.2 hrs 59 dB

Best 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generators

Champion Power Equipment 100900

Best 2000-Watt Inverter Generator


champion power equipment 100900 2000watt
Champion Power Equipment 100900

Wattage: 1600-2000 watts | Tank Volume: 1.05 Gallon | Power source: Dual Fuel | Voltage: 120 Volts | Fuel Type: Gasoline/ Propane | Weight: 39 lbs | Engine type: 4-stroke 79.7cc OHV | Runtime: 11.5 Hours 25% Load | Noise: 75 dB | Outlets: 4 | Warranty: 3 Years | Prongs: 3 (120V, 12V DC, 1 dual port USB)

Champion Power Equipment 100900 is a gasoline-powered, portable generator with an inverter design. The Champion’s 100900 has 1800 starting watts and 1440 running watts.

With only 39 pounds, this inverter is one of the lightest 2000-watt inverters in the industry.

The Champion Power Equipment 100900 includes a covered 120V 20A household outlet with clean electricity (less than 3% THD), a 12V automotive-style outlet, plus a handy dual port USB adapter.

This unit also features Champion’s 3-year limited warranty and FREE lifetime technical support from dedicated experts!

It can be started on propane or gasoline, so you don’t have to switch out containers when changing from one fuel source to the other.

The Champion Portable 100900 Generator is equipped with the Champion Quiet Start technology found in commercial-grade generators for its reduced noise levels.

This generator meets EPA and CARB emissions regulations.

The generator can also run up to 34 hours on just a 20lb propane tank and 11.5 hours on a gallon of gasoline.

It is equipped with an OHV engine made by Honda, which offers exceptional performance.

The Champion Power Equipment 100900 Portable Generator is parallel-ready, so you can add another 2000-watt inverter generator to double your output power.

This model comes standard with a 3-year warranty and FREE lifetime technical support from dedicated experts!

Well, there are many reasons to buy Champion Power Equipment 100900. For one, Champion is a well-known and trusted brand.

They make high-quality products that are durable and reliable. Additionally, their customer service is very good.

Lastly, their prices are very competitive, so you can be sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

If you’re looking for a high-quality generator that will last for years, then the Champion Power Equipment 100900 is a perfect choice.

Why its Great
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Ideal for home use
Flaws but not the Deal Breakers
  • Tricky to start

A-iPower SUA2000iV 2000 Watt

Best Performance 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

a-ipower sua2000iv 2000 watt portable inverter generator
A-Ipower sua2000iv 2000 watt Portable Inverter Generator

Wattage: 1600-2000 watts | Tank Volume: 1.1 Gallon | Power source: Gasoline | Voltage: 120 Volts | Fuel Type: Gasoline | Weight: 50 Pounds | Engine type: 4-stroke | Runtime: 7 Hours Half-Load | Noise: 52 dB | Warranty: 4 Years | Size: 22″ x 13″ x 20″

If you’re searching for a lightweight and quiet portable generator, the A-iPower SUA2000iV 2000 Watt may be the ideal option for you.

The 2000 starting watts of power and running watts of 1600 make it a great option for tailgating or camping trips.

Additionally, because it runs at only 52 decibels, this generator is ideal for use in residential areas where noise restrictions are in place.

And thanks to its “low idle technology“, this generator can run up to 7 hours at 50% load! The key start of the SUA2000iV is the electric start.

This unit also features an automatic low oil shutdown feature and a low oil shut light.

The engine is 79cc OHV 4-Stroke, while the fuel tank capacity is 1.3 gallons. The dimensions of this generator are 22 x 13 x 20 inches, and it weighs 48 pounds.

The SUA2000iV comes with a 4-year warranty for residential use and a 2-year warranty for commercial use.

So whether you’re tailgating during football season or setting up for family camping in the mountains, the SUA2000iV can provide you with worry-free power for hours.

Why its Great
  • Can be used Parallel
  • Budget-Friendly
Flaws but not the Deal Breakers
  • No electric start

Briggs & Stratton P2400

Best Value 2000 Watt Inverter Generator


Briggs & Stratton p2400 Powersmart Series Inverter Generator
Briggs & Stratton p2400 Powersmart Series

Wattage: 1800-2400 watts | Tank Volume: 1 Gallon | Power source: Gasoline | Voltage: 120 Volts | Fuel Type: Gasoline | Weight: 1.00 lbs | Engine type: 4-stroke | Runtime: 12 Hours half-Load | Size: 20.04″ x 12.24″ x 17.36″

The Briggs & Stratton P2400 is a great choice when you need power and portability.

With 2400 watts of starting power and 1800 watts of continuous running capacity, it can handle most household needs on one charge.

Briggs & Stratton is one of the oldest and largest power equipment manufacturers globally, with a long history of innovation.

The P2400 PowerSmart portable generator is just another example of their ingenuity.

This unit has an impressive 12-hour running time at half load on a full tank, meaning it can power your critical appliances for extended periods if you lose electricity during an emergency or disaster.

It also features CO Guard Carbon Monoxide Shutdown Technology to protect you from toxic gas build-up when using this generator indoors, along with several other features that make it easy to transport and use outdoors.

Plus, it’s small enough to fit in the back of your truck or SUV for easy transport.

This generator also has an eco-mode that reduces fuel consumption by about 30% when not using accessories like lights or appliances.

Briggs & Stratton has got you covered whether you are looking for home backup power or something more specific like RV air conditioning support.

Its compact size makes it perfect for camping trips, tailgating, and boating too!

Why its Great
  • Good Output
  • Quiet Operation
  • Eco Friendly
  • CARB Complaint
Flaws but not the Deal Breakers
  • Heavyweight

Pulsar G2319N Generator

Best 2000 Watt Portable Generator


Pulsar G2319N 2300w

Wattage: 1800-2300 watts | Tank Volume: 1.18 Gallon | Power source: Gasoline | Voltage: 120 Volts | Fuel Type: Gasoline | Weight: 47 Pounds | Engine type: 4-stroke 79.7cc OHV | Runtime: 4.8 Hours half-Load | Size: 19.7″ x 11.22″ x 17.91″

Look at this Pulsar G2319N 2,300W if you’re searching for a lightweight, simple-to-use portable generator.

It has an ideal suitcase design weighing less than 47 lbs with compact dimensions for easy handling.

The G2319N features Stable Sine WAVE Technology providing pure, safe electrical power for powering and charging your laptops, cell phones, or other sensitive electronic devices.

With up to 4.8 hours of operation on 1.18 gallons of fuel, it is perfect for tailgating camping or small 120V appliances like coffee makers and TVs where AC outlets are unavailable!

This generator has a 4-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine with low oil shutting down the system, and it’s capable of starting in temperatures as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Pulsar G2319N 2,300W Portable Generator is a very nice little portable generator.

It’s ideal for tailgating, camping, and even at home when you don’t want a large generator that takes up too much room.

Why its Great
  • Fuel efficient
Flaws but not the Deal Breakers
  • Noisy

WEN 56200i Generator

Best 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator


wen 56200i 2000 watt generator super quite
WEN 56200i 2000 watt Generator

Wattage: 1600-2000 watts | Tank Volume: 1 Gallon | Power source: Gasoline | Voltage: 120 Volts | Fuel Type: Gasoline | Weight: 48 Pounds | Engine type: 4-stroke 79.7cc OHV | Runtime: 9.4 Hours Quarter-Load | Noise: 75 dB | Prongs: 3 (120V, 12V DC, 5V USB) | Size: 22″ x 13″ x 20″

Usually, the generator makes high-pitched noise! If you are looking for a quiet and eco-friendly inverter generator, you are in the right place; this product is for you!

It produces electricity power of 1600-2000 watts in the form of clean energy (without any spike or drop).

I must say that it is the quietest ever inverter generator I have ever experienced, just producing 51-decibel noise (even less than a normal human voice, which is 60 decibels).

It is a relatively light product; its whole weight is just 48 pounds. Thus it can be taken outdoors, like hunting, camping, visiting sites, etc.

The generator has a 4-stroke 79.77 cc engine that takes gasoline as fuel.

The fuel tank has a capacity of 1 gallon. There are three prongs to connect; 120V, 12V DC, and a 5V USB port for devices like mobiles, TVs, iPods, computers, etc.

Clean energy wards off any possible damage to expensive electronic devices.

It’s parallel compatible; for additional electricity production, it can connect with any other WEN inverter generator.

It has automatic fuel consumption adjustment that increases the run times and, eventually, the engine’s life.

This feature enables an automatic low oil shutdown when the fuel level is lower than a defined threshold.

However, I missed telling you about the indication screen for indicating oil levels. Thus I must say it is highly fuel-optimized.

After testing this generator, we love that the Wen generator is lightweight and can be connected in parallel for more power.

We like the large carrying handle, so you don’t need an extra hand when attaching this inverter generator to your car or truck hitch rack.

For those looking for a simple option at a great price point, we recommend checking out the Wen generator before making your purchase decision!

Why its Great
  • Quieter than the human voice
  • Optimized for fuel
  • Lightweight
  • Highly eco-friendly
  • Offers parallel WEN connections
Flaws but not the Deal Breakers
  • Few users reported oil leakage
  • No screen indicator for low oil

FAQs: Best 2000-watt Inverter Generator

What is a 2000-watt inverter generator?

A 2000-watt inverter generator is a portable power source that converts DC power to AC power.

So it’s ideal for use in a variety of settings, including camping, tailgating, apartment, and emergencies.

What are some common uses for 2000-watt inverter generators?

Some common uses for 2000-watt inverter generators include power tools, appliances, electronics during emergencies, bow fishing, camping trips, and more.

What factors should be considered when buying a 2000-watt inverter generator?

When purchasing a 2000-watt inverter generator, some factors are the type of fuel used, noise level, maximum running time, and power rating.

You should also consider what you will use it to choose a product with useful features.

What are the benefits of owning a 2000-watt inverter generator?

It features inverter technology, ensuring that no power is lost in the conversion process.

This means you can use your electronics without any interruptions or interference.

How much power does a 2000-watt inverter generator provide?

A 2000-watt inverter generator can provide up to 1800 watts of continuous power and 2000 watts of peak power.

This makes it perfect for powering small appliances, tools, and electronics and during hurricanes.

Final Verdict

The best 2000-watt inverter generators are available at affordable prices. You can find them online or in your local hardware store.

The products vary in size, quality, engine, eco-friendliness, output voltage, and features, so it’s important to do some research before you buy one for yourself.

Just remember that the more watts, the better!

I hope this top list of the best 2000-watt inverter generators has helped you a lot in finding the best choice according to your need.

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