The #1 Best 12000 Watt Portable Generator

We understand that buying the best 12000-watt portable generators (Amazon) is one of the most noteworthy investments you’ll ever make.

The 12000-watt inverter generator is perfect if you want to enjoy a peaceful and serene camping experience.

They can be an excellent power backup source if the main electricity supply stops working.

Robert Smith, the manufacturer’s company CEO, says the best 12000-watt inverter generators are the simplest, most powerful, and most reliable power sources on the market.

Our team has tested the best-performing 12,000-watt generators to secure your buying process.

Best 12000 Watt Portable Generators

Suppose you aim to use a generator for camping or household chores or expect power outages frequently.

In that case, 12000 Watt generators are an appropriate option.

Durostar DS12000EH Portable

Durostar DS12000EH Portable Generator

Specifications: Fuel Type Gasoline | Weight 228 Pounds | Color Red/Black | 12,000 peak watts | Voltage 240 Volts | 12V DC charging posts | 4 Stroke Engine Type | 9,500 running watts

Are you looking for the Best 12000-watt portable generators on the market?

DuroStar has you covered with this brand-new portable generator. The DuroStar DS12000EH is the most powerful generator in its class.

The DuroStar DS12000EH Dual Fuel Generator has the power and flexibility to handle the multiple demands of your next project or job.

It further features a powerful 457cc DuroStar 4-stroke, OHV engine, and dual-fuel technology.

Furthermore, the unit delivers starting power of 12,000 watts and 9,500 watts of running power on gas.

In fact, with an 11-hour run time at 50% load, this unit can keep you powered for as long as you need!

It also features a powerful 457 cc DuroStar 4-stroke, OHV engine and dual-fuel technology.

 The DS12000EH comes with a heavy-duty 3ft. W/30a 240v twist-lock outlet with crossbars to lock in plugs so they don’t pull out during use or transport.

Thus, this dual-fuel workhorse is ideal for home backup, RV, or everyday use.

The 557cc V-twin engine provides the power you need to run multiple large appliances and even an AC unit, thanks to its 12,000 peak watts.

Also included are two duplex 120V receptacles, one twist-lock 120/240V box, one 120/240V 50A outlet, and two 5V DC ports.

Moreover, this 228.00 lbs generator can power the entire house.

Furthermore, lamps, heaters, Televisions, freezers, laptops, water heaters, and everything that plugs into an outlet will all work.

Why Its Great
  • Can power the entire house
  • Dual Fuel Portable Generator
  • Start effortlessly without having to manually pull start
  • Comes with super easy low, electric maintenance push
Flaws but not the Deal Breakers
  • Difficulty while assembling generator wheels
  • Oil drain seems challenging

Shopping Tips for Best 12000 Watt Inverter Generators

Dual-fuel Capability

Dual-fuel engines are the greatest option for improved adaptability and portability.

The dual-fuel capability of the 12000-watt generator enhances its functionality. As they can run on electricity and fuel, these generators offer the most versatility.

Always prefer to use gasoline generators as they are cheap in cost.

Maintenance Requirements

A generator needs to be inspected regularly to function properly.

The oil level is one thing you should always check; however, most gadgets include an emergency shutdown feature that makes this easier.

Overall, keep an eye on the gas level to clean the engine. Time can be used to replace the filters.


To ensure that you are purchasing something worthwhile, the generator should guarantee at least one to three years.

You can get it switched if the generator isn’t good enough or doesn’t give you the proper reason for what you require. 

Type of fuel

A variety of fuel kinds are available for the data generator. These gas and diesel generators are suitable for large uses.

There are also a few gasoline or propane engines that could be utilized for business purposes and are more environmentally friendly.


Operating the generator at home or in a crowded office may make you notice how loud specific machines may be.

Silent generators are available, with noise levels in the range of 55 dB at half-load.

Nevertheless, a sound level of 70 dB, which is within the range, can be acceptable.

Final Verdict

In short, If you are looking for a 12,000-watt generator that is powerful enough to use in your construction site, as a backup power source too.

Additionally, the Best 12000-watt portable generators can power the entire house. 

Lastly, it is an amazing choice for those looking for a generator like DuroStar that serves numerous heavy-duty jobs with comfort.

Financing a generator is a great decision. For example, use the machine for camping and recreational purposes.

You will have to look at the weight and portability options first.

FAQs: Best 12000 Watt Portable Generators

What will a 12000-watt portable generator run?

The answer is dependent on the items you plan to power.

For example, if you are running a refrigerator, the wattage required would be much higher than a standard light bulb.

In this case, it is important to calculate the wattage of each appliance and add them up.

Generally speaking, a 12000-watt generator could run a house with around 16-20 appliances as long as they are not all simultaneously.

However, a 12000-watt generator can be the best choice to light up the whole home.

12000-watt generators are the most powerful type of generator.

They can start up much larger appliances than smaller generators and provide more power to run them.

They are also more expensive and require some experience to operate safely.

A breakdown of watts required by appliances is as follows:

Appliances Rated Watts
Refrigerator/Freezer 700W
Microwave Oven – 625 Watts 625-1000W
Coffee Maker 800W
Electric Stove 1500W
Dishwasher 300W
Food Processor 400W
Toaster Oven 1200W
Toaster 850W
Iron 1200W
Washing Machine 500W
Clothes Dryer – Electric 3000W
Clothes Dryer – Gas 700W
Light bulb – 60 Watts 60W
Sump Pump 1140W
Water well pump 575W
Space Heater 1800W
Humidifier 175W
Furnace Fan Blower 700W
Heat Pump 4700W
VCR 100W
Stereo 450W
TV 200W
Video Game System 40W
Security System 500W
Hair Dryer 1250W
Curling Iron 1500W
Electric Grill 1650W
AM/FM Radio 100W
CD/DVD Player 100W
Mobile Phone Charger 10W
Computer 800W
Laptop 300W
Laser Printer 950W
Fax Machine 65W
Copy Machine 1600W
Quartz Halogen Work Light 300-1000W
Airless Sprayer 600W
Electric Drill 440W
Belt Sander 1200W
Air Conditioner 1000-4000W
Air Compressor – 1/4HP 975W
Air Compressor – 1 HP 1600W
Hammer Drill 1600W
Circular Saw 2100W
Chain Saw 1500W
Reciprocating Saw 960W
Bench grinder 1400W
Planer/Jointer 1800W
Electric Leaf Blower 1000W

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